Vendor Managed Inventory


Anybody can keep your bins stocked. Our Service Technicians bring a little more to the table.

An empty bin is a costly nightmare. Nobody should ever have to go through the experience of opening a bin and discovering that their supplier has let them down. The time spent solving a problem like that is wasted money.

Any decent VMI partner should protect you from that. Having a reliable supply of fasteners provides a business with wide-ranging benefits. If you’re not getting that basic level of service, you’re putting up with nonsense.

A good service tech brings more than just fasteners. He or she brings an awareness of what is going on in your operation. By paying attention to the bigger picture, they serve you better.

Our Service Technicians visit often and learn more about your business every time. They monitor your unique usage cycles and build a strategy that anticipates your specific demands. They fine-tune the plan to ensure you’ve got what you need, when you need it.

Sometimes our Service Technicians solve problems their customers didn’t even know they had. Because our Service Technicians view their job as more than protecting you from empty bins, they are looking for ways to help beyond that basic service. They are active participants in helping you improve operations.

Custom Kitting & Packaging

Quest Fastener Custom Packaging and Kitting services will streamline your production and decrease your labor costs. Our service takes away the overwhelming task of tracking and managing multiple parts and materials by allowing you to order a variety of parts with a single part number.  We maintain the highest quality standards for machine or hand-packed kits and custom packaging. Kits can include multiple parts, as well as instruction sheets, material certs and more.

You Should Consider Kitting If You:

  • Are currently kitting in-house now
  • Want to cut down on labor costs
  • Want to streamline production
  • Want to reduce packaging content errors and costs from lost parts
  • Order the parts repeatedly for use in the same location
  • Provide parts and/or printed materials with your product to be used by the customer

Production Consulting

Quest Fastener & Industrial Supply has over 40 years of experience in the industry, and we can use that experience and knowledge to assist you in your production. There may be a better way.

Quest will help resolve your inventory problems and keep your projects running smoothly